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Check out James’ tips on comics. He’s really on point with this article and it was super awesome of Gail Simone to ask him to write it!


Gail here!

A couple days ago, I read a truly excellent self-published comic called CLOWN (it kind of defies description, but you want it…it will be on Comixology next month). I mentioned how much I liked it and struck up a conversation with the author, James Maddox. It turns out he is a very effective self-publisher, something I know very little about, but something a lot of aspiring creators may want to learn.

So I asked him to write a little bit about what he has learned to help those who are attempting to do what he has done. And again, his books are DAMN GOOD, and he keeps making them, so this stuff is very valuable! I would listen!



While some of us writer-types go on to pitch our stories to editors and publishers, there’s a whole other group that just get down to business and make comics happen. These people are self-publishers. Thankfully, the world of comics is a proactive community of creators, so self-publishing isn’t met with much stigma, but if you’re looking to get into this brand of comic creating, you might have some difficulty getting over that first hump of “But how?”

The how is actually pretty simple. In its base form, you draw a comic, take said comic to a print shop, copy the thing several times over, and fold these copies to create a booklet. Ta-da! Comic!

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Smorgasbord Squad is 100% independently funded and worked on. When you see it you’ll be impressed because it looks more professional than the aforementioned KaBoom titles.

—Dustin Cabeal |

A group of food-themed superheroes is inherently…

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